Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Promosi Handphone S500i

In harmony

The slim S500i keeps you in harmony with the world around you. Let desktop and menu themes change with the season; or as day turns to night.
Share your life in pictures

Enjoy life - and share it. Snap a picture with the S500i camera and send it to your blog in an instant.
Connect to your PC

Images from phone to computer, music files from computer to phone: all you need to connect, drag and drop is included in the S500i phone kit.

Price : RM 849.00

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aria ayumi said...

skang nih banyak henpon hebat2 dh jadik murah... tapi, tak tau nape tak tergerak ati nak beli yg baru... mebi sbb tngu ade org bagik adiah kot... huhu

cendawan said...

utk aria ayumi.

may be ada yg tolong belikan nanti as a gift..tungguuuuu..hehehe