Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Finally, the solution to major medical expenses

At last, we have found a better solution for our major hospital bills!

PRUmajor med 5 (PMM5) is a unique medical plan designed to relieve you of major hospital bills. With more comprehensive medical coverage, it provides you with:

- high life-time limit (10 x annual limit!)
- 24-hour Worldwide cover
- Free choice of hospitals and doctors
- Guaranteed renewal
- No restrictive surgical schedule

PMM5 is a major medical plan that is designed to reimburse major medical expenses incurred in the event of hospitalisation, occuring anytime before age 70. PMM5 can attach to a life insurance policy that you have taken up from Prudential. It is also available to your children.

Annual Limit and Lifetime limit.

PMM5 100
Annual Limit 50,000
Lifetime Limit 500,000

PMM5 150
Annual Limit 62,500
Lifetime Limit 625,000

PMM5 200
Annual Limit 75,000
Lifetime Limit 750,000

PMM5 300
Annual Limit 100,000
Lifetime Limit 1,000,000

PMM5 400
Annual Limit 150,000
Lifetime Limit 1,500,000

This is for illustrative purposes only. For futher terms and conditions please refer to the policy document.

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